Online Classes

With the advancement of online technology, more and more cake decorators are looking to learn from the comfort of home at their own pace.

There are some great teaching websites out there, with one of the most popular being

Elegant Lace Cakes with Zoe Clark

Learn the skills involved to make beautiful lace wedding cakes from one of the worlds best cake designers, Zoe Clark.
The class includes 7 lessons, which are yours to watch when you want, whenever you want!.

Click on the Elegant Lace Cakes image right for 50% off the RRP of £25.55.

Craftsy Voucher Elegant Lace Cakes

Perfect Party Cakes with Zoe Clark

Join Zoe in this fun online class in learning new cake decorating techniques using inspiration from embroidery, paper craft and quilting.

Learn cake decorating from home at your own leisure. Perfect Party Cakes has a total of seven lessons, with over three hours of content.

Click on the image to the right for 50% off the RRP of £25.55. 

Craftsy Voucher Perfect Part Cakes Online Class
Charming Party Cakes with Zoe Clark

In Charming Party Cakes, Zoe will help you easily achieve clean and sophisticated vintage accents for a chic finish to any wedding or celebration cake.

There is eight lessons for you to work through in your own time, with a total class time of over three hours!

Click on the image to the right for 50% off the RRP of £25.55. 

Craftsy Voucher Charming Party Cakes

Recommended Online Tutorials

Take a look at the classes below for some of our favourite online cake tutorials.
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